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Effortlessly Styled. Pretty Wild. This luxuriously light body mist contains sweet notes of Orange, Meadow Grass, Cantaloupe, and Musk and will keep you frisky, fresh, and fruity all day long. You know, the kind of scent that makes them turn their heads as you walk by. 100mL. / 3.38 Oz.

Why does GET-WILD smell so damn good?

Because we’ve packed it full of the most delicious, fresh fragrances! The smells at the top evaporate fastest, while those at the base are stronger and linger for longer.

Top notes:
Orange, Meadow Grass, Muguet.
Middle notes:
Jasmine, Cantaloupe.
Base notes:
Musk, Amber, Coconut Sugar.


Formulated without: Parabens, SLS, and Phthalates.

How To Use
There are a few ways to apply GET-WILD:

Spray into the air and shimmy your way dramatically through the mist.


Spritz directly onto your body like you have no cares in the world.


Apply onto your wrists, then dab your wrist to your nose because that girl in 7th grade told you the boy you like would be able to smell it when you kiss.

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