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Say ‘ciao’ to cellulite and tighten your booty with this best-seller.

Reduces the appearance of cellulite, increases skin elasticity and firms the skin around the buttocks and thighs. What’s not to love?

Apply a generous layer onto the booty and thighs. No scrimping here, ladies!
Time for a quick Insta scroll until you feel a warming sensation (usually just a few minutes).
Massage the mask into the skin in circular motions until it’s fully absorbed and you’re done! No need to wash off.
Use daily for best results.

All our products are free from nasties, such as parabens and SLS.
The goodness packed in this one includes:

Pink PepperSlim: A plant extract that stimulates fat reduction.
Hyaluronic Acid: Helps retain water, keeping your skin moist and plump.
Guarana Seed Extract: Wakes up tired skin by energizing and revitalizing its appearance.

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